Book Submissions

  1. BulletCongratulations for completing your story!

  2. BulletReflections Publishing accepts unsolicited manuscripts submitted in electronic form.

  3. BulletWe will respond only to submissions in which we are interested.

  4. BulletDo not send any materials to us through regular mail unless we invite you to do so. Unsolicited materials received through regular mail will not be returned. We will not and cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of any materials submitted to us, no matter the type of material or means of submission.

  5. BulletIf you choose to upload a document, the document must be preferably a Microsoft Word document, a plaintext or RTF file, or a PDF. Your name, e-mail address and phone number must appear on the document’s first page.

  6. BulletIf you do not have an e-mail address, please mail a query letter along with your manuscript to the following address:

  7.         Reflections Publishing

  8.         Attn: Acquisitions Editor

  9.         5395 Foxhound Way

  10.         San Diego, CA 92130

  11. BulletFICTION

  12. BulletOur main emphasis is publishing books that address a difficult life situation that a child may encounter. Requirements:

  13.         1. The stories must be a fictional story with fictional characters and names.

  14.         2. The story should be in a 12 point font and 20 pages in length.

  15.         3. The story should have strong character development and clearly identify the difficult life situation.

  16.         3. The story should reflect the issue and how the character works through the situation.

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