Face 2 Face

Navigating Through Cyberbullying, Peer abuse, and Bullying

Story written by: Caroline Ster and Illustrated by: Emily Jones

CCSS and AASL Questions written by: Paula Yohe, M.L.S., M.Ed.

  1. 1.Why did Alice miss rehearsals?  How do you know? 

    What sentence(s) from the story support your answer? 

    CCSS RL 5.1  AASL Standard(s)  1.1.6,  2.1.1

  1. 2.What is the theme of Face 2 Face?  What details in the story help you determine the theme?

    CCSS RL 5.2  AASL Standard  1.1.6,  4.1.3

  1. 3.What are two major events in the story?  How are they alike and different? 

    How does each event contribute to the story? 

    CCSS RL 5.3  

  1. 4.On page 44, what is the meaning of “edited” in paragraph 1?

    CCSS RL 5.4  

  1. 5.Why is Chapter 11 important?  How does it contribute to the story? 

    CCSS RL 5.5

6.  How would the story be different if had been told from Brenda’s point of view rather than Alice? CCSS RL 5.6

  1. 7.Read “Managing Your Digital Footprint” on page 70.  What are two main ideas of the article?

    Which key details support these main ideas?

    CCSS RI 5.2

8.  Find digital and print information on cyberbullying.  Summarize or paraphrase the information and include a list of resources.  The information should be typed and a minimum of two pages. CCSS W 5.6 and W 5.7   AASL Standard(s) 1.1.1, 1.1.4, 1.1.6, 1.1.8, 1.1.9, 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3, 1.3.4, 1.4.2, 1.4.4, 2.1.5, 3.1.3, 3.1.4, 3.2.3, 3.3.5, 4.2.3

  1. 9.Prepare a one minute multi-media presentation on cyberbullying to share with your class.

    CCSS SL 5.2 and SL 5.5  AASL Standard 1.1.6, 1.2.3, 2.1.6, 3.1.3, 3.1.4

  1. 10.On page 71, look at the word propensity.  Pronounce the word and read it in the sentence. 

      Look at the definition of the word at the bottom of the page. 

      Write another sentence using the word in context.

      SSCC RF 5.3 and 5.4